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People cheat for different reasons. We’re not here to judge. But you deserve the right to know the truth and decide how to deal with it. We will help with technicalities.

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Time to act

Only 6% of cheaters confess. It means you can proceed trusting your partner while in reality, something might be up behind your back. Use
state-of-the-art technologies to reveal the truth quickly & smoothly.

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    Spy tool to capture all the keystrokes on your partner’s phone
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    Social apps tracking

    Spy on all sent and received messages and shared media via the most common social media apps.
  • 3/43

    Browser history

    Surveille partner’s web activity, search results, and visited sites in one place.
  • 4/43

    Contact list

    Be aware of all the new, existing and deleted contacts on your partner’s phone.
  • 5/43

    Call logs

    Spying tool for incoming and outgoing calls. Get timestamps, duration, caller info in one place
  • 6/43

    Text messages

    Access any message that she/he sent, received, or deleted. Get timestamps and contact info.
  • 7/43

    Photos & videos spy

    Find out which photos and videos are in his/her gallery. Save files locally if needed.
  • 8/43

    Spy his/her GPS location

    Find out in real-time mode your partner’s location along with visited places history.
  • 9/43

    Record of browser usage

    Know how he/she uses the browser, what they search, and sites they visit with the help of the screenshots.
  • 10/43

    SIM card replacement alert

    Be aware if your spouse uses another SIM card for secret calls.
  • 11/43

    Track deleted messages

    Find out if your spouse deletes any messages behind your back.
  • 12/43

    List of installed applications

    Be aware of all the applications installed and if your partner is trying to hide something in one of them.
  • 13/43

    Application use monitoring

    Spying tool for tracking how long he/she used each application during the day
  • 14/43


    Undetectable automated update on your partner’s phone without your direct participation.
  • 15/43

    Remote control of spying settings

    Manage application’s spying settings remotely, without using the target device physically.
  • 16/43

    One-click installation

    Install the spying software on the target device with just one click.
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    Spy on Socials online status.

    Get notified once your partner goes online and spy on all instant activity.
  • 18/43

    Deleted calls.

    Detect any calls that were deleted from his/her phone and know more about the call itself.
  • 19/43

    Deleted contacts.

    Detect if your spouse deletes any contacts from the list, trying to hide the truth.
  • 20/43

    Renamed contacts

    Spy tool for detecting any changes in the contact list. Be aware once your partner renames any contacts.
  • 21/43

    Additional app for spying

    Don’t miss any new activity, deleted SMS, and unviewed logs for the last two days—all in one app.
  • 22/43

    Mailbox spy

    Read all incoming and outgoing emails. Check the most popular email providers for evidence.
  • 23/43

    Dating apps spy

    Be aware if he/she is secretly using dating apps. Go inside their accounts to know the truth.
  • 24/43

    Signal messenger spy

    Spying tool for one of the most protected messengers. Access Signal’s chats, calls, and shared media.
  • 25/43

    Spy on Reddit activities

    Know what are your partner’s interests on Reddit. Use this data to catch a cheater.
  • 26/43

    Secret apps detection

    Find out if your spouse is hiding some data in one of the secret apps. Get notified once such an app is installed.
  • 27/43

    Audio stream

    Hear what is going on around the target device. Get instant access to it’s surroundings.
  • 28/43

    Video stream

    With the help of the target phone’s camera see what he/she is really doing.
  • 29/43

    Camera snapshot

    Use this feature in case you need instant proof for your partner’s words.
  • 30/43

    Delete unwanted apps

    Delete those apps, that you don’t want your partner to use without them knowing.
  • 31/43

    Restrict apps

    If there are apps you want to restrict - disable them remotely for the target device.
  • 32/43

    Restrict incoming calls

    Use this feature to restrict incoming calls from unwanted people.
  • 33/43

    Restrict outgoing calls

    Don’t let him/her contact suspicious number.
  • 34/43

    Disable incoming messages

    Decide who can reach your target device using messages.
  • 35/43

    Disable outgoing messages

    Regulate outgoing messages and disable them when you need.
  • 36/43

    Secret apps detection

    The spying tool helps you notice if your partner uses any secret apps to hide something from you.
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    Track all the YouTube activities. Know what he/she is watching and searching for with the help of screenshots.
  • 38/43


    Spying tool to detect where your target device is at the moment.
  • 39/43

    Block website

    Don’t want him/her to use any dating or other sites? You can block them.
  • 40/43

    Block Wi-Fi

    Need more attention from him/her? Disable Wi-Fi on their phone with just one click.
  • 41/43

    Block device

    Block your target device remotely with the help of this feature.
  • 42/43

    Duo messenger spy

    Access all chats, calls and shared media. See what the target phone sees at the moment.
  • 43/43

    Discord spy

    Access all chats, calls and shared media. See what the target phone sees at the moment.

Why SpyBubble?

We know everything about the tools cheaters use to conceal their affairs. With experience of more that 10 years under belt, we’re ready to assist you with an investigation that will put an end to your anxiety.

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Fast installation

The installation process is very easy and doesn’t require technical knowledge.

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Real-time tracking

We’ve got information updated every 5 minutes. All digital footprints they leave are immedialtely transmitted to your user account.

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Reporting via screenshots

You can be sure nothing is going to miss out: we take screenshots from the target phone every second and deliver them to you.

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Access to deleted data

Even if a user deletes files, they’re already captured and saved to you account.

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Extensive compatibility

SpyBubble works on all iOS and Android devices. Your user account is accesible from any browser on any device.

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More values for less price

Despite unique features and extremely easy interface, SpyBubble costs no more than any average spy app.

Works on all devices

SpyBubble is compatible with all Android OS 4+, all iPhones and iPads. Have doubts? Just enter the model of your device in the field below and tap “Check.”


Easy installation

Just 3 simple steps to set up.

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Choose your subscription plan. Complete the purchase and receive the email with further instructions.

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Set up

Install Spy Bubble on a target Android device or provide iCloud credentials for a target iOS device in your user account.

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Start monitoring

Go to your account and wait until devices are linked and the data starts sending.

“First class from instant reporting to excellent support.”

User Testimonials

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By far the best software I've tried. I've been through this before 5 years ago, and this product was 100% better. I ended up having everything I needed to prove my ex-husband’s infidelity. The quality of video files extracted was amazing, and the team is real professionals. Thanks again for your exceptional service.

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Jane avatar
Jane Willey

Baton Rouge, LA, USA

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Caught my fiancee cheating on me. Spy Bubble kept me informed about her whereabouts. She started to kiss an unknown man in a bar. They were drinking together and took pictures that she deleted short after. I saw everything and ended relationships immediately.

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Jane avatar
David Walton

Chicago, IL, US

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SpyBubble collected the evidence I needed to support my divorce case. quickly, discretely, and effortlessly. Many thanks to friendly support team!

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Jane avatar
Margaret Nickens

Fort Collins, CO, US

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I recently had a need to trace my daughter’s fiancee. I had exhausted all my own searches and finally turned to spy app. In about an hour I got his location, phone calls history, text messages. It saved my daughter and the whole family from making a huge mistake.

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Jane avatar
Robert Brittan

Tallahassee, FL, USA

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Thanks to support for going beyond the scope of what you’ve already provided. I really appreciate your time and kindness in this matter.

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Jane avatar
Katie Norma


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I couldn’t afford to hire a private detective for my small claims case, so the choice fell upon tracking apps. Spy Bubble provided brilliant service! First class from instant reporting, accurateness to excellent support. I’ll be referring definitely.

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Jane avatar
David Fletcher

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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SpyBubble helped a lot. I won't go into details, but it concerned my spouse and another person. I would not have a second thought about using Spy Bubble again if ever the need arises.

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Andrew Duncan

West Jordan, UT, US

Extract visible and deleted data from a cell phone in a few hours. No jailbreak or technical skills required. Get started

Frequently asked questions

Can I spy on iPhone remotely?
Yes, SpyBubble lets you spy on any iOS device remotely. In order to start tracking, you’ll need to provide iCloud credentials (ID and password) of the device in your user account and overcome the 2FA verification if required.
Is SpyBubble visible on the tracked phone?
By default, the icon is visible on Androids, but you can hide it while installing. If the device you’d like to monitor is iPhone or iPad, you won’t have to install the app physically on it, so there won’t be any icon in the menu.
How to install the app and remain undetectable?
Note that only Android devices require physical installation. In this case, we would recommend you to take the phone that you want to monitor for several minutes. The installation proccess takes no more than 10 minutes.
Can I catch a cheating spouse without spyware?
Yes, there are many methods, including hiring private investigators, or conducting searches of your own with your friends’ assistance. Infidelity investigators do a lot of work, commencing the surveillance, driving to follow the subject, etc. It’s pretty pricey. Spy app allows you to extract enough information to confirm your suspicions and catch a cheating spouse in the act.
How can I spy on Messengers?
SpyBubble captures and delivers information from a phone to your account accessible from any browser. All data pulled from Messengers is displayed in reports and in your Dashboard. You can track content of each message, view files exchanged through chats, get contact info of people in conversations.
What are definite signs that I need to use the spy app?
If you know there is something wrong with your spouse’s behavior and cannot work out what is it by yourself. If you’ve expressed your concern and nothing changed.
How to use SpyBubble to catch a cheating spouse?
It depends on the characteristics of the problem you’re dealing with. Use a GPS-tracker to monitor your spouse driving home each day, or track their phone numbers to spot a re-occuring one. Spy Bubble can help you establish the person’s full name, timestamps of the phone calls.
What is microcheating and how to bust it?
Social Media & Messengers are prime catalysts for affairs. It makes people cheating without even realising it, like engaging in online firting, sexting, or intense liking. The line between real cheating and microcheating is thin. On the other hand, technologies and indiscreet communication on Social Media makes it easier to catch a cheating spouse red-handed.