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AV Voice Changer Diamond
The Next Generation Voice Changer Software: advanced Frequency Morphing; enormous libraries of presets "nick voices", settings and effects. You can create unrecognizable voices on your pc... the possibilities are endless. Change your voice in real-time now.


Frequency Morpher: additional advanced voice changing algorithm helps to adjust voice pitch and voice timbre in a definite range.

Parody maker & mixer- Create your parody voice mimicking other people's voices

Numerous and sharp preset "nickvoices": for your comfort and flexibility in changing voice masks.

Home recording studio: professional built-in sound recorder for audio recording and music morphing. Music can be morphed in pitch and timbre and by adding rich effects, then recorded and save in MP3 or other formats. You can quickly pick up a preset effects in the huge effect library or mix them up for later use. MP3 player is right at hand for playing back your morphed music.

Real time and natural voice output: Fast Pitch and Timbre algorithms has reach the highest quality of the voice output, leaving it natural, authentic, and untouched.

More usability: Ignore Filter option, Launch on Windows Startup option, AutoRecord option, update manager, higher compatibility

Change voice from microphone for voice chat, online game, and PC2Phone. Does "voice masquerade" sound exciting to you? Adjust the Pitch and Timbre table to change your voice pitch and voice timbre to the desired level. You can also choose among the numerous preset "nickvoices" as man, woman, baby, cat, metal, etc.

Change singer's voice in songs and narrations. Get bored of familiar singing voices? Seek for something fresh? AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition can help you make your exclusive CD by changing the voice of the songs in any way you wish. Voice Changer Software can hook and process all audio streams so that you can listen to music online and morph them in real time.

Record and morph recorded sound files to make your own audio and video clips. AV sound recorder is built in AV Voice Changer for your home audio recording studio. You can record your own voice from microphone, songs played by media player, online music or internet broadcasts and save them in MP3 or other formats. Then morph voice, add effect, record morphed sound and make new audio clips. Now with and enormous libraries of fresh plug-in effects and settings available, it is in less than no time.





AV Voice Changer
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