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USB Monitor
USB Monitor is a basic tool for monitoring USB devices and any kind of application working with them on Windows platform. USB Monitor allows you to intercept, display, record and analyze all the data transferred between any USB device connected to your PC and applications. It can be successfully used in application development, device driver or hardware development and offers the powerful platform for effective coding, testing and optimization.


USB Devices Monitoring

The USB Monitor automatically detects all connected USB devices and displays them, grouping by device class. For each device, device's friendly name, description, location information and manufacturer's name are displayed. The list is automatically updated every time you plug or unplug a USB device.

The special "Next connected device" item allows you to monitor the next device you plug into your computer.

Obtaining Additional Information

Click on the device in a list to get its device descriptor, configuration descriptor, HID Report descriptor for HID-compatible devices and the list of dependent devices, the operating system may configure for the USB device.

Controlling USB Devices

You can restart the selected USB device or view its properties. These and other options are easily accessed through the popup menu or tool windows.

URB View Visualizer

The URB View visualizer displays each monitored USB Request Block (URB). It decodes the packet's internal fields, and works in two modes - Basic and Complete. In Basic mode only the main packet fields are decoded and displayed, while some other are available as popup hints. In Complete mode the entire packet is decoded and all accompanying data is provided in Hex/ASCII view. You can switch between two modes at any time and, moreover, you can switch the mode for individual packets. The contents of the visualizer can be copied into the Clipboard or exported into the file in various formats. Use the mouse to select the portion to copy/export or leave the selection empty to copy the entire visualizer contents. Use the powerful Find and Go to Packet commands to locate the information you need. With outstanding performance at the first place, the URB View visualizer is your best tool to analyze monitored data.

Packet View Visualizer

The Packet View visualizer provides the combination of brief packet information for each monitored packet and in-depth analyzis for an individually selected packet. It is structurally divided into two panes. The upper part displays brief information for each monitored packet in several columns in a table. Use the mouse to change the columns' size and position as well as to change the relative size of the upper and lower panes. To locate the specific packet use either the Go to Packet or Find commands. Use the Copy and Export commands to copy/export all or some of the monitored packets in the same way you see them on the screen. The lower pane lists all other supported and installed visualizers which are used to display the individual packet information. Once you select the packet in the upper pane, all its internal fields get decoded in the visualizers in the lower pane. Select a bulk transfer packet to see its characteristics in the URB View and mass storage command decoded in the Mass Storage View!

Session Recording

All Device Monitoring Studio visualizers work in real time - you monitor the device and see the packets in visualizers. If you need to record a session and analyze it later, use the session recording! There are variety of options available for you: you can use Auto Start Recording feature to automatically start recording of new monitoring session; use Start/Stop Recording command to selectively start and stop recording. You can even name the individual data stream! If you forgot to start recording, use the Save to Log command to save monitored data to a log.

General Filtering Feature

Device Monitoring Studio offers a generic filtering feature, which allows you to configure filtering for different visualizers and create filtering schemes and quickly apply them to different visualizer windows.

Log File Playback

The Playback tool window lists all recorded log files, grouping them either by device name or by recording date. For each log file various information is displayed, including the log file size and the list of streams. To playback the log file, select the stream, configure the visualizers, select the time range and playback speed and start the monitoring session. You can change the speed of playback at any time later as well. Device Monitoring Studio provides you with a way to manage the recorded logs via the commands in the menu and popup menu.





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