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Urgent Detective
Become your own PI. Join Urgent Detective service and get immediate access to huge number of some truly effective online sleuthing tools that anyone could use, but which still many ordinary people are unaware of. It's real fast. The hard preparatory job of locating exactly the databases you need has been taken out of the process. No previous experience needed. Even if you are a total beginner, all basics are explained in our Members Area so you could start off right away. Urgent Detective Service will save your precious time directing you to the mostly FREE databases and some paid resources for your online searches (we assure you, only approximately 2% of the resources are paid, and these are the ones that even Urgent Detective can't get free access to, still these are the cheapest and most trusted resources). Our database is updated daily to deliver you up to date information about the most hidden corners of the Web.


Browse court case records for city, county, state or federal courts

Perform personal background checks

Dig through criminal records, civil records, divorce records, probate records, tax records, vital records, birth records, marriage records, court records, death records, adoption records and other public records

Search unclaimed funds and assets!
(Is there anything waiting for you to come and claim?)

Check up a company, firm or agency you are going to deal with

Screen your potential employee, nanny, doctor or attorney

Check up your daughter's new boyfriend

Locate past and current inmates
(view their photos and read personal details)

Perform pre-rental screenings and avoid bad renters!

Find hard copy documents scanned and published online!

Find someone's e-mail address

Get Motor Vehicle accident detailed reports showing location, individuals involved, events details and more.

Get someone's marriage, divorce, birth or death certificates & licenses

Get your Credit Report

Search license plate numbers online

Find out if your potential worker has any DUI/DWI case. Can you trust him?

Find out what's on your FBI file

Find out if there are any sex offenders in your area and view their detailed information with colored photos

Find out released sex offenders' current addresses for the sake of your children's safety

Find unlisted phone number using person's name or address

Find anyone's address from name or phone number

Find cellular phone numbers

Investigate a website, find out its IP address, owner name, address and e-mail, find out volume of the traffic it receives

Dig up some dirt on your boss or neighbor

Find out who are your ancestors using great genealogy tools

Find out if someone was arrested or has a criminal record

Skiptrace your husband trying to avoid alimony payments

Investigate military records and find a navy, marine or other military person information

Urgent Detective covers USA only

Texas unclaimed funds details

Pay 33% Less Than Official Site




Urgent Detective
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