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Spyone Pro captures all the conversations and images from the MSN (Windows Live Messenger) users, in a fully invisible and safe way. The program generates reports for everything that is done on MSN (Windows Live Messenger). These reports are saved in log files that allow access only to the program administrator. In addition, the program sends all these reports by e-mail, allowing you to view all these conversations in your e-mail, anywhere.


Complete detailing of all the conversation data - The program captures all the conversations from the monitored machine MSN (Windows Live Messenger) users. It has a detailing system that allows knowing the date, time and period of time that the user stayed in conversation. Therefore, the program offers to the administrator a real idea on what was the conversation subject. The administrator will have access to all the e-mail addresses of the machine users, as well as the e-mail addresses of those who talked with these users.

Invisibility, maximum safety and full monitoring - Spyone Pro will be installed in hidden mode in the machine, being not viewed by any user. Its entire operation occurs in such way that leaves no traces, being not possible to find or uninstall the program files. Access allowed only to the program administrator, through shortcut keys and password. The program also offers options for shortcut keys and password customization, thus making its use even safer. Monitoring is complete, and everything that is done on MSN (Windows Live Messenger) will be captured by the program.

Capturing screens of conversations - By capturing the screens of conversations, the program will give you a real idea of with whom the user was typing. You will have the images from the webcam pictures and videos. The system for capturing the MSN (Windows Live Messenger) screens is very simple and effective. The screens are captured while the user is typing, thus allowing viewing videos and pictures. The system for capturing images allows these screens to be individually viewed.

Easy is to receive the reports (conversations) in your e-mail - The program sends all the reports by e-mail, allowing you to view all the MSN (Windows Live Messenger) conversations in your e-mail. All the conversations and images are recorded and sent to the program administrator e-mail. You can receive the reports (conversations) in your e-mail, thus being able to access them anywhere. The reports (conversations) are sent as soon as the user ends the conversation on MSN (Windows Live Messenger).

Easy installation - Just download and install the program on the machine you want to monitor MSN (Windows Live Messenger). Soon, the Spyone Pro will be installed and working properly. The program does not expire. Only the administrator can uninstall it.
To view the Spyone Pro, just keep the keys CTRL + ALT + M pressed. Enter MASTER in the password field.  These are the program's default access settings and can be changed by the administrator, via options icon.

Highly intuitive interface - The program is attractive, friendly and logical. With a highly intuitive interface, it becomes very easy to use and manage the program. Its great graphics provide greater clearness and ease in using the program.





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