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Have the ability to remotely control and access their personal PC's from any outside location through their web-browser! Users can access their remote computer's files, lock their computer down from unwanted users, shut their computer down when they no longer need to use it, or keep tabs on who is using their computer! SpyAnywhere is an excellent solution for the business and corporate environment. Employers and Administrators can easily keep tabs on an entire network of computers and their users from a single machine - just by using their web-browser!


Remote Administration and Monitoring - SpyAnywhere has built in remote administration features that allow you to remotely control and monitor remote PC's with SpyAnywhere installed. SpyAnywhere allows for remote application and windows management, file system browsing, system lockdowns, and more!

Remote Desktop Viewing
Grab screenshots of the remote computer's desktop - allowing you to see what others are doing on your PC in real-time!

Remote Application/Task Management and Viewing
View all running applications on the remote PC in a convenient listing on your web-browser. Control and manage tasks by closing them with a single click! 

Remote Open Windows Management and Viewing
View all open Windows on the remote PC's desktop. Close the open windows with a single click! Now you can control what Windows the remote user can see! 

Remote System Information Viewing
View a listing of various system information for the remote PC, including processor type, system directories, and more!

Remote File System Navigation and Management
Browse and navigate the entire file system of the remote PC. The SpyAnywhere remote file system browsing feature allows you to download, delete, and launch remote files - all through your web-browser! 

Remote System Lockdown Control
Lock and unlock the remote desktop from your web-browser! This allows you to keep users out of the remote PC, without ever having to be present at the PC! View Screenshot

Remote Internet Connections Viewing
View a list of the current internet connections on the remote machine!

Remote Recent Document History Viewing
View a list of the recent documents users have opened!

Remote System Mouse Freeze Control
Freeze and unfreeze the remote PC's mouse with a single click! Combine this feature with the Remote Lockdown command for powerful security and control of your remote PC!

Remote Website Launching
Launch a website on the remote PC for the remote user to see!

Remote Application Launching
Launch a program on the remote PC for the remote user to use! 

Remote Message Display
Display a message for the remote user to read. This allows you to send warnings, or simple messages to the remote PC!

Remote System Shutdown/Restart/Logoff
Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff the remote PC from your web-browser with SpyAnywhere!

Remote SpyAgent Integration
If you have SpyAgent, our popular monitoring and surveillance solution, installed on the SpyAnywhere remote PC you can download and view SpyAgent's websites, applications, passwords, internet connections, and windows logs! Learn more about SpyAgent

Remote Log Viewing with SpyAgent
If SpyAgent is installed you can view all AIM/MSN/Yahoo/ICQ conversations, keystrokes typed, websites visited, applications ran, and other events that have occurred on the logged machine! Learn more about SpyAgent

Security Features - SpyAnywhere has built in security features to make the remote computer as secure as possible from unwanted users. SpyAnywhere's security features include IP restrictions to the remote server, access and feature restrictions, and a secure password protected login. 

Secure Password Protected Login Access
SpyAnywhere is password protected, so only you can access the remote PC with your own specified SpyAnywhere password!

IP Allowance Configuration
SpyAnywhere allows you to specify a list of IP addresses that may access the SpyAnywhere controlled remote PC. This allows you to restrict access to IP addresses within your local network, or to only certain static IP addresses! 

Access Restriction Configuration
SpyAnywhere allows you to configure what remote options you can access through your web-browser. You can disable any features of your choosing!

IP Address Delivery Via Email
SpyAnywhere allows you to have the IP address of the remote machine emailed to you at set time intervals. This allows you to remotely control a remote PC with SpyAnywhere even if it uses a dynamic (constantly changing) IP address!

Events Log 
SpyAnywhere logs all accesses from remote users - including what commands were executed along with its corresponding IP and time stamp. Invalid access attempts are recorded as well.

Intuitive Interface 
Easy to use, graphical user interface, with intuitive labeled buttons and icons!

Web-Based Access 
All remote PC's are accessed via your web-browser, from any location at any time!

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