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Spector 360
Spector 360 is the most advanced employee monitoring and filtering tool available on the market today, designed to provide businesses with a high-level view of all their employees’ PC and Internet activity and allow full control of what web sites your employees can access. Spector 360 will significantly prevent, reduce or eliminate the problems associated with abuse. When you absolutely need to know how your employees are using company resources, Spector 360 is the application of choice.


Capture EVERYTHING! - Spector 360 will automatically capture all employee Internet and desktop activity whether they are in the office, traveling or working remotely on both Windows or Mac OS. Spector 360 records everything, from web, IM, emails, surfing, applications, keystrokes and more! In addition, through a first of its kind surveillance-like camera recording tool, Spector 360 shows you in exact visual detail what an employee does every step of the way. 

Easy-to-Read Reports... Just Click!

Spector 360 takes the recorded Internet and computer activities from each of your employees, feeds that information into a database and provides you with more than 50 built-in, comprehensive reports -plus- unlimited customization. With Spector 360 you will find answers to questions such as:

  • Which employees spend the most time surfing web sites?
  • Who is spending time on shopping sites, sports sites or adult sites?
  • Which employees chat or use anonymous email services like Hotmail and Gmail?
  • Who is sending the most emails with attachments?
  • Which employees may be leaking company confidential information via removable
    media like flash drives, CDs and DVDs?
  • Which employees are printing sensitive documents?
  • Who is arriving to work late and leaving early? Who takes long lunch breaks?
  • What are my employees searching for on Google, Yahoo and MSN?

These high-level reports and charts help you quickly identify those employees who are most likely engaging in activities that are harmful to your company.

Effortless, Detailed Investigations

If you detect a problem or suspect a specific employee is the main culprit of abuse, you can dig deeper and review every detail of their computer and Internet activity to gather the evidence you need. The level of detail is so precise that you can see what an employee does each and every second. Spector 360 provides you with all the details you need to conduct the most thorough analysis possible.

More Than Monitoring

In addition to world-class monitoring, Spector 360 allows you to proactively control how your employees use the web by integrating Internet Filtering. Block access to specific web sites or to categories deemed inappropriate for your workplace. Restrict access by individual, group, department or the entire company. With more than thirty pre-defined web filtering categories, Spector 360 gives you the power to eliminate excessive and explicit Internet surfing while keeping your employees focused and on task.

Why Spector 360?

Our customers use Spector 360 to uncover Internet abuse, lost productivity, leaking of confidential information and other inappropriate activities by their employees that expose them to financial, legal and other preventable risks.


Increase Productivity
Significantly reduce the amount of goofing off that has grown common in most workplaces. Spector 360 will cut this huge productivity drain by at least 75%.

Conduct Investigations and Document Violations
Any employee suspected of engaging in inappropriate, illegal, or unapproved conduct can be investigated with Spector 360.

Enforce Acceptable Use Policy
Employees often believe that rules can be bent if no one is watching. Spector 360 ensures adherence to your policy for computer and Internet use. Lower the incidence and risks of sexual and racial harassment and occurrences of online gambling and surfing of pornography.

“Insider” Theft Protection
One in five employees will copy or print company-owned materials in the days leading up to their resignation. Others will routinely leak sensitive and confidential information, accidentally, intentionally, or otherwise. Spector 360 allows you to look back in time to detect this behavior.

Compliance Requirements
Meet or exceed Federal, Industry, or Agency compliance requirements with Spector 360 by seamlessly maintaining records of communications and transactions – a requirement for many companies


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