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Mobile Parental Controls & Monitoring
With children and adolescents downloading and installing their own software onto mobile devices, control over these applications presents a growing challenge to parents. Many third party applications such as Instant Messaging, VOIP, and P2P file sharing can introduce new security threats, and expose underage users to illicit, inappropriate, or illegal content. SMobile's Parental Control Edition enables a parent to monitor their child's device and mobile activities via a web-based dashboard. Via this easy-to-use interface, parents can view a list of all applications currently installed on the child's mobile device.


SMobile Parental Controls and Monitoring
  Cell phones have quickly become the primary interface used by pre-adult users for communication and online activities. This limitless connectivity adds convenience and entertainment, though exposes children to a wide variety of dangerous and undesirable situations. Online bullying, sexual exploitation, sexting and misconduct are all exacerbated by this constant and readily available connectivity. SMobile Parental Controls provides parents unprecedented access to monitor and control their child's mobile related activities, while also protecting the device against Loss, Theft, Spyware and Viruses.

Sexting, CyberBullying and Misconduct

With the average child sending over 2000 text message per month,
children are being placed in a very precarious position. The ability
to instantly share pictures increases the problem and parents must
closely monitor these activities. SMobile Parental Controls enables parents to:

  • View pictures taken by the device camera and sent or
    received via text or e-mail
  • View the content of all text and e-mail messages
  • Automatically receive alerts when keywords are sent or received
  • View the child's contact and address book
  • List all applications installed on the device
  • Display the location of the child and device in an online map
Communication Control

Whether it's CyberBullying, undesirable friends or other inappropriate communications, SMobile enables parents to control who is able to communicate with their child. Parents can easily blacklist individuals - silently and automatically blocking any phone calls or text messages received by them.

Loss and Theft

The ultra-portable nature of cell phones makes them easy to carry to school, baseball practice, parties, etc. Unfortunately, it also increases the chances that your child's phone will become lost or stolen. With SMobile Parental Controls, parents can easily locate, lock, and wipe a lost or stolen device to ensure that the child's personal data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. As an added benefit, the child's personal data can be remotely backed-up and easily imported into their new phone.

Industry-Leading AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Protection

Just as with personal computers, cell phones are susceptible to viruses, worms, spyware and trojans. With songs and applications constantly being downloaded from online application stores and websites, the likelihood of infection has increased dramatically. The built-in Antivirus and AntiSpyware capabilities of SMobile Parental Controls ensures your child's device is free of viruses and isn't secretly being monitored by a person with malicious intent.

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