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Top Secret Software

Secret Software

Secret and Strange (But Unique) Windows Software That is actually Useful! just opened its door, so to speak, making some of the most unique, strange and totally cool windows software available to the public. Sure some of this stuff can be considered “underground”, but upon close examination, one will quickly realize there are so many useful products in their catalog. Lets start with the practical windows utilities.


Password Studio is used to recover lost password for MS Word and other Microsoft products like Excel. File Saver and Undelete Now can actually retrieve files that have already been deleted, even if the “recycling bin has been emptied. That’s interesting, but Evidence Blaster and Secure Delete allows you to shred files a hundred times over making sure no one can see what you have done online. So has programs that recover passwords and files, but what about photos? Well Photo Saver allows you to recovery delete photos from your digital camera memory card! Nice. But that’s only if the memory card has not been erased with Photo Eraser, meant specifically to beat forensics and recovery of files from memory cards.

That is pretty useful if you ask me. Anybody may have the need for such applications. Everyone accidentally deletes something they need now and then, and everyone has those certain files they wish never existed and never discovered! Sure these programs exist on other sites, but I assure you the prices at can not be competed with.

Now let’s move on to some of the strange, clandestine programs. How about Instant Hypnosis audio CDs or MP3 that can be used to hypnotize yourself for self-improvement reasons. There are 165 titles alone in the Instant Hypnosis section. Subliminal Audio are CDs or MP3 that can be listened to, that influence your subconscious mind and help you improve certain areas of your life (like memory enhancement, weight loss, etc.). If you have no time to listen to subliminal CDs or hypnotize yourself, you can always influence yourself and improve your personal traits without even realizing it! Just download Subliminal Power that places subliminal messages on your screen while your type away or read this article. By the way, did I mention that both Subliminal Audio and Subliminal Power each come with a “Secret Agent” pack to turn you into the Mr. James Bond? Now that is cool.

Last but not least, the secret software they tried to ban is DVD Unlocker. This product costs you only $9.95 and gives you all the codes you need to unlock DVD regional codes, so you can watch European or Asian DVDs right at home.

So if you want to play around with some interesting, hi-tech software that your friends certainly don’t, take a look around, you might like what you see. The best part of is they have the most amazingly low prices. Program that give you similar capabilities often cost 10 times the prices on
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This article was updated on Nov. 11/2008 to maintain its relevance to today's current security concerns.

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