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Professional Investigator
Professional Investigator (PI) is the complete case, contact and time management solution for security professionals such as PIs, lawyers, protection firms, bailiffs and others. PI software is made to work with windows and other Microsoft programs. 
Professional Investigator is a tool, specifically written for the P.I. community, that provides you with the power to keep all the information you need for your business, and to find that information again at the touch of a button. Professional Investigator has been designed to be as easy as possible to use, because you need to spend your time running your business, not learning complicated new software.


Full Contact Manager - keep details of all your contacts together in one place, inc. pictures, notes, physical characteristics, AKAs, associates, etc.

Integrated Case Manager - record as much information as you like about each case, inc. notes, pictures, work product and payments received.

Task Manager and To Do List - complete with pop-up alarms, so you and your staff never miss an appointment or deadline!

Powerful searching and reporting built in - our Simple Search and Query Wizard will find anything in your data, to view on-screen or print out.

Create your own reports with Report Wizard - if we haven't already supplied what you need, simply choose what you want, and let the software do the rest.

Mail-merge effortlessly with Microsoft Word - keep in touch with your contacts, and get new business!

Cut & Paste scanned documents straight in - up to 12 sheets of close type per entry!

A full 88-page manual - in plain English!

Instructions / Case Files - full details of your on-going and completed work. You can set up a budget of expenditure for each case and then compare actual spending versus budgeted spending at any time, categorized into fees, mileage, expenses and even hours. You can also, optionally, use PI's bailiff and repossession facilities. You can record 'Work Done' on each case. You can also record all fees, hours (including tenths of hours for court work), mileage, expenditure and income (including retainers) in the Case Ledger. And you can keep an unlimited amount of Data and Pictures for each case file which can, subsequently be searched minutely

Contacts - subdivided into whatever categories you wish, such as Prospects, Clients, Lawyers, Subcontractors, Personal and so on. For each Contact, you can keep a vast amount of additional information.

Associates - enables you to log any associates of a contact so that you can find a subject, say, by knowing an associate of him or her. This works for companies too - so that you can see a list of companies that are associated in any way.

Staff - keep tabs on all your staff, including both internal and external investigators, used on a particular case. 

Expertise - link expertise to both Contacts and Staff, allowing you to quickly search for, say, all the agencies offering hand writing analysis in Birmingham or whatever.
Countries - names & abbreviations of countries.

Currencies - linked to countries, with spot conversion rates.

The Repository - everything else (files, maps, photographs, CDs etc.) all cross-referenced to the other databases! 

Simple Search - This allows you to quickly find a word or phrase from anywhere in a database, at the click of one button.

Power Search (the Query Wizard) - If you want more complex criteria, then this will allow you to specify more complicated searches using plain English!

Reports - a number of useful pre-written reports for your ease of use. These can be printed to the screen, your choice of printers or a text file. You can also archive reports for viewing later or subsequent emailing.

Task Manager - a full diary, to-do and pop-up alarm system.

Security - you choose who can see & do what with your confidential data.

Event Log - tracks all changes to the database, who made them and when.

Full Mail-merging - write letters and other documents in Microsoft Word™ and link them to your Contacts database for instant mail-shots and one-off letters.

Direct Internet Access - launch your favourite World Wide Web browser direct from PI, to instantly search the Internet.

Configuration - PI can be configured to work the way you do.

Backup & Restore module that preserves your precious data for total peace of mind.





Professional Investigator
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