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Privacy Keyboard Review

By now you've encountered keyloggers and their imminent danger they pose to your privacy, security and your computer. Here we review PrivacyKeyboard, one of the most powerful anti-keyloggers on the market


Capabilities of PrivacyKeyboard

  • Keylogger Disabling 
  • Spy Software Disabling 
  • Screen Shot Capture Disabling 
Top Secret Software Overview: In terms of an anti-keylogger software, we must flat out say, this product is unique and it works! Out of all test anti-spyware/anti-keyloggers, PrivacyKeyboard was capable of disabling every program attempting keystroke capturing. It interferes with all known and even unknown keyloggers. It also stop hardware keyloggers in their tracks. This is a small and powerful defense for your system.

However, while this program does stop most keyloggers from working on your pc, it does not actually detect and show you the program it is protecting you from, it simply blocks all attempts at interception. It is NOT a keylogger scanner. Not at all.  So while it offers maximum protection, it is like a secret agency, that protects you from harms that you are not aware of and will never be aware that exist. This could give you peace of mind if you are ok with not knowing what you are being protected from. 

If you know that your boss or spouse logs computer activity with some sort of monitoring program, than PrivacyKeyboard will not delete the monitoring, but it will just not make it work. In this case, this program is PERFECT!

PrivacyKeyboard get solids marks, and gets a perfect 5.0 for the job it does on anti-keylogging, but since it basically has no other features, it can't get a 5.0, because there are some drawbacks to not knowing what enemies your machine is facing.

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Rating 4.0 out of 5

1 Anti-Keyloggers
2 More Spy Software

3 Remote Spyware
4 Keyloggers
This article was updated on Oct. 2/09 to maintain its relevance to today's current security concerns.

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