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Privacy Buddy
PrivacyBuddy is a revolutionary system history cleaning application that automates the mundane task of cleaning up your temporary files, internet cache, cookie cache and other system tracks left behind by everyday computer use. PrivacyBuddy functions using windows notification systems so that you need not ever have a serivce application running when you want to clean your system. PrivacyBuddy eliminates the tedious nature of keeping your system track free with a few simple configuration steps after installation!


PrivacyBuddy Features

  • Seamless System Integration - PrivacyBuddy integrates seamlessly with your current computer configuration. It does not install any intrusive programs that must be run every time your computer is booted nor does it add any system tray icons to clutter up your system tray.
  • Hands Free Cleaning - Gone are the days of opening up your history cleaning product and manually cleaning all your tracks when you leave your computer. PrivacyBuddy has a full set of system events that trigger it's cleaning to take place.
  • No Hassle Confirmation - PrivacyBuddy can, at option, notify you with a small cleaning logo when your computer's history is being maintained. This requires no input, but allows you leave your computer feeling safe that all of your history is left how you like it.
  • Full Winlogon Event Support - As previously mentioned, PrivacyBuddy may be configured to clean your system at the times that best suit you. It has full support for all winlogon events and cleaning may be chosen to occur at any of the following events.

Cleaning Security

  • Secure File Shredding - PrivacyBuddy can optionally shred your files (delete them permanently) using Department of Defense 5220.22-M compliant deletion algorithms

Windows Specific Tracks

Windows specific tracks include your recent documents list, Index.Dat files that stores computer use information, registry entries that contain tracks, Recycle Bin files, Temporary files, and more. More specific information on what Windows specific tracks are cleaned is listed below.

  • Index.Dat Track Files - Index.dat Files are spread out in different areas of your system and are locked and maintained by various different Windows processes. They record many different things such as your URL history and opened documents, etc. PrivacyBuddy securely deletes these files when your computer is shutdown at your option.
  • Find Computer Recent Search List - The Find Computer Recent Search List is maintained by windows and keeps the most recently searched for computer names in your registry. PrivacyBuddy deletes these tracks.
  • Media Player Recent File List - Media Player keeps a record of each file you open and displays your most recent list when you click the "File" menu in it's interface. PrivacyBuddy deletes this list.
  • Recent Open Dialog List - Every time you open a document using an "Open" dialog, windows stores your most recently selected files. PrivacyBuddy deletes this list.
  • Recent Save Dialog List - Every time you save a document using a "Save" dialog, windows stores your most recently selected files. PrivacyBuddy deletes this list.
  • Recent Run Dialog List - When you click on your start menu and then choose the "Run" dialog, windows maintains a list of your most recently typed "Run" commands. PrivacyBuddy deletes this list.
  • Recent File Search List - When you search for a file using your computers "Search" functionality, windows records what you search for. PrivacyBuddy deletes this list.
  • Startmenu Recent Documents List - Whenever you open a word document or an image file for viewing windows saves it in a "Recent Documents" list. This list generally has a limit of files it will record to before it begins overwriting entries. PrivacyBuddy deletes this list.
  • System Temporary Directory - Whenever an application needs to extract temporary files, there is a default directory in which those temporary files are stored. Because of the size of applications are ever increasing, this directory can become quite large and use up a considerable amount of space on your hard drive. PrivacyBuddy cleans the files out of this directory on shutdown.
  • Microsoft Encrypted Tracks - Windows stores miscellaneous information, such as the XP StartMenu "Pin List" that lists your commonly opened applications for easy access in the registry. PrivacyBuddy deletes this track list.

Internet Browser Specifc Tracks- PrivacyBuddy supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox browser for history cleaning purposes. Each browser is configurable for different settings and support for exclusionary cookie filtering is implemented for both browsers.





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