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PowerSpy 2013
PowerSpy lets you know exactly what a user did on a PC. It does this stealthily so that the user won't know such monitoring exists. Possible usages of Power Spy include: monitors employees, children, spouse, acquire others' passwords, chat records, websites visited and investigate crimes. Power Spy records keystrokes, screen snapshots, websites and folders visited, programs run, and chat conversations. It then sends the record to a pre-determined email address. You can also view the record on the monitored computer. Power Spy can hide itself so that it won't be detected.


Record Online Activity- Power Spy software automatically captures web sites visited, passwords, keystrokes and everything typed during chat or email.

Screen Snapshots - Power Spy software automatically captures screenshots of entire desktop or active windows at set intervals. Save screenshots as JPEG format images on your computer harddisk. Automatically stop screenshot when user is inactive.

Record Program Executed - Power Spy software logs all programs including application, executable file, documents and directories navigated with time, Windows username, application/document/directory name and file paths.

Record Documents Opened - Power Spy software logs all text contents of documents opened in Microsoft Word, Windows WordPad and Windows NotePad. The same document will only be recorded once in a log report to reduce its size.

Record Clipboard Activities - Imagine that someone being monitored receives an illegal password or login name by e-mail, which is too long to be typed. What does he/she do? He will copy it to the clipboard and paste wherever it might be needed. Other keystroke recorder will just miss this info, as there's no keyboard activity during this operation. Power Spy software goes further! It offers unique clipboard monitoring feature, no other competing product has!

Record Self Actions - record Power Spy software administrator operations, like start or stop monitoring.

Stealth Mode: Power Spy software runs absolutely invisibly under Windows systems and does not show in Windows task list. None will know it's running unless you tell them! You can also choose to hide or unhide its icon and its uninstall entry.

Log View: choose to view different type of logs from program main interface. You can delete selected logs or clear all logs, search logs or export logging reports in HTML format.

Task Schedule: You can set starting and ending time for each task to automatically start and stop the Power Spy software monitoring job.

Report Delivery: Send logging reports in HTML format to a pre-set emailbox or upload them to a FTP at set time intervals. This allows you to reveal the truth by simply checking your email or opening a web page!

Easy-to-use Interface: configure Power Spy software with either Wizard for common users or control panel for advanced users. User-friendly graphical program interface makes it easy for beginners.

Works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003.



Power Spy Software



PowerSpy 2013
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