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Chaperone access control software allows control of how and when a computer is used by setting schedules and time limits on when Windows or specific programs can be accessed. These schedules can be set to permit a maximum daily quota, to specific times, or a combination of both. Chaperone also provides enhanced security by protecting critical areas, such as the registry, from accidental or malicious changes.


IM Restriction - Chaperone now offers the most powerful controls for MSN Instant Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and Yahoo Instant Messenger (English version of MSN, AIM, and Yahoo only)

Web Site Restriction - Restrict Internet Access by either prohibiting specific pages or allowing only selected pages (For Internet Explorer only. Windows 2000 or XP required)

The easiest to use access control software available - Chaperones Configuration Console is more powerful and easier to use then any other access control software available. It can quickly be mastered by even the most inexperienced user.

Tools to ease distribution and maintenance - To ease the distribution of the Monitor service Chaperone allows you to create a set of installation disks that install the necessary files, as well as the configuration file. Once installed changes to the access permissions can be made by changing just one computer, greatly reducing the amount of time required to maintain Chaperone

Complete support for multiple users - Chaperone allows multiple users. These users can each have their own access restrictions, or can be grouped together to use common access policies. When set to use the same policy each user still has their own schedule time allotments, ensuring that one user cannot interfere with the permissions of another. User accounts can even be set to mirror the Windows user accounts. This prevents the need for a separate login when the computer is started

Group programs to use a common schedule - Chaperone allows the grouping of two or more programs together so they share a common schedule or time limit. No other access control software offers program grouping. For example, if it is desired to limit Internet access to 4 hours per day while still allowing the use if Internet Explorer and Netscape, a group is created with a time limit of 4 hours per day, and Internet Explorer and Netscape is added to the group. When either Internet Explorer or Netscape is running the timer is active. When the time limit is reached neither program will run. Without grouping this would not possible. Grouping is a major feature missing in all other access control software programs

Internet Access Control - Internet Access is controlled by defining either the list of web pages that can be accessed, or the list those that are prohibited. There is also keyword filtering of web pages address (filters address, not content). Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer only. Requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Internet Access can be scheduled by setting schedules for the programs used to access the internet, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer

MSN Instant Messenger Access control - Chaperone is the most complete and unique access control software available for MSN Instant Messenger. In addition to being able to set schedules for when MSN Instant Messenger users can access MSN, Chaperone can also be used control what contacts can be accessed by preventing users from adding new contacts. Chaperone also allows the protection of critical MSN settings. All of these settings are unique to the individual MSN Instant Messenger user and can be changed for each user as necessary. English version of MSN Instant Messenger only. 

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Access control - Just like MSN, Chaperone is the most effective access control software available for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Chaperone allows schedules to be set to control when users can access AOL Instant Messenger. Due to the nature of AIM, Chaperone is able to offer even better control of which contacts the user can access. Also, in addition to protecting critical AIM settings, Chaperone can be configured to prevent the user from sending and receiving files. This is a very important feature since file transfers increase the risk of infection by viruses. All of these settings are unique to the individual AOL Instant Messenger user and can be changed for each user as necessary. English version of AOL Instant Messenger only.

Yahoo Instant Messenger access control - The unique design of Yahoo Instant Messenger allows Chaperone to provide the most extensive range of access controls of any chat program. Chaperone offers the same great scheduling and contact control as MSN and AOL Instant Messenger. In addition it is possible to limit file transfers, prevent conference calls, disable all mobile features, and even prevent access to all chat rooms through Yahoo Messenger!!!! All of these settings are unique to the individual Yahoo Instant Messenger user and can be changed for each user as necessary. English version of Yahoo Instant Messenger only

Complete control over program access - Programs can be controlled by defining their access schedules. These schedules can be either a maximum quota per day, according to a defined schedule where individual 15-minute time periods can be set to permit or deny access, or a combination of both. You can even set a different schedule for every day of the week Schedules can even be configured to completely deny program access

Schedule when the computer can be accessed - Complete access to the computer can be controlled by defining a Windows schedule. This schedule can be either a maximum quota per day, according to a defined schedule where individual 15-minute time periods can be set to permit or deny access, or a combination of both. You can even set a different schedule for every day of the week

Prevent changes to the Windows date and time - Setting a schedule is useless if the user can change the Windows date or time, effectively overriding the schedule. Chaperone prevents this by allowing password protection for changes to the Windows date and time. This even includes cases where the date or time is reset from another program, preventing a computer savvy user from changing it by writing a simple program to do so. Other programs leave this loophole open by simply removing access to the standard Windows date/time dialogue. Some don't even do this much

Prevent access to vital tools - Access to tools such as the Control Panel and Registry tools can be controlled, preventing accidental or malicious critical system changes, a feature not found in most access control software

Prevent program installations - No access control software is effective unless it prevents new program installations. Competing products accomplish this by blocking the Windows installation service, but many programs installations don't use this service and are able to run. Chaperone closes this loophole and stops all install programs, proving once again that Chaperone is a great solution.

Virtually impossible to disable or uninstall - Any access control software is useless if it can easily be defeated by computer savvy users. Chaperone cannot be disabled or uninstalled without the administration password. Program files cannot be deleted and the program cannot be terminated using the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del). In fact, you can even disable the Task Manager to prevent other important programs, such as virus scanners, from being closed, a feature not found in any other access control software. It is impossible to get around the limitations you set!!!





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