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Parental Spy Software
Parental Spy Software SECRETLY records EVERYTHING that is done on your PC! This PC Keylogger is completely 100% invisible (hidden to the user) and password protected so only you can see what's going on. You can find any password that is being used as well as read IM chats, emails and more! See what they do online by simply checking your email. You can set up Parental Spy Software to secretly deliver all recorded log files to any email address. This allows you to monitor your PC from anywhere!

Record All Keystrokes - Parental Spy Software™ can record all keystrokes typed in any application window, such as user name, e-mail, chats, instant messages (MSN/AOL/ICQ/AIM ), etc. The keystrokes list also includes the date/time of each keystroke, & which program/web site was being viewed when the keystrokes were entered. 

Record Screen Shots - Parental Spy Software™ can take picture of the Windows Desktop just like a automatic surveillance camera! It will capture images at set intervals. All pictures can be saved to your computer in JPEG format. Parental Spy Software will also time stamp when the screen shot was taken.

Record All Emails - Parental Spy Software™ will allow you to view all email activity. All written emails and received emails will be logged via the keystroke monitoring and the screen shot recording. Our Email recording works on all email service providers as well as web-based emails accounts such as gmail, yahoo & hotmail.

Record Web Sites Visited - Parental Spy Software™ will record and time stamp all web sites visited. If a user is surfing inappropriate content on your computer or business computers, Keylogger will record this content. You may re-visit all web sites directly inside the Keylogger log viewer.

Record All Programs Used - Parental Spy Software™ provides the ability to record every program, as well as the date and time the program was used on the target computer. Find out if your kids are playing games when they are supposed to be doing their homework. See if your employees are using that expensive office software or just surfing the Internet.

Record All Online Searches - What are your kids searching for online? PORN? WEAPONS? DRUGS? Parental Spy Software™ will allow you to view all online searches made through any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing and all others). All searches will be logged via the keystroke monitoring and the screen shot recording.

Record All Facebook & My Space Activity - Parental Spy Software™ will allow you to view all activity made on My Space, Facebook and other popular social networking sites. Find out who they are messaging, which profiles they are viewing and who they are chatting with on Facebook, My Space and all other social networking sites.

Record All Chats & IMs - Parental Spy Software™ will allow you to view all online chats and instant messages made. You will see Facebook chats, Google Chats, MSN, AOL, ICQ, AIM, Skype and many others! Find out who they are messaging, what they are saying, who they are chatting with etc...

Remote Viewing (Via Email delivery) - Parental Spy Software™ can deliver reports of recorded activity secretly at set intervals. All logs can be sent by email secretly for you to read at anytime. The log files are stored by date and time enabling to go find the information you need quickly. This means that you can view all computer activity from anywhere!

Time Stamped Logs - Parental Spy Software all recorded information is time stamped so you can see exactly what day and time each activity was performed on. You can see what day and time each program was used and you can see what day and time each keystroke was made.

Hot Key Access - Your recordings are protected by a combination of Hot Keys that you choose. Parental Spy Software™ can only be accessed through your personal Hot Key combination! This ensures that only you are authorized to view the recorded data.

Completely invisible and undetectable in Windows - Configure Parental Spy Software™ to hide during monitoring sessions and impossible to detect. Parental Spy Software will not be listed in the task manager and also gives you the option to remove it from the uninstall list!

Password Protected - As an added measure of security, Parental Spy Software™ will prompt you for a password before opening software. This ensures that anyone attempting to access software or recorded logs is an authorized user

Windows Startup - Parental Spy Software™ can be configured to load on windows startup so you can continue recording all activities. The software loads in "stealth" mode - there is no indication that the program has started!

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