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Refog Personal Monitor MAC

REFOG Personal Monitor for Mac is the best  keylogger I've found to track my kids computer usage. Basically anything they can do on the computer, REFOG can make note of it. Its sophistication coupled with its ease of configuration make it a home run for its intended usage. And its stealth ability helps keep it from being disabled even by tech savvy teenagers.

MAC Personal Monitor

Easy to Use

Refog Personal Monitor for Mac installs in just a few clicks. There are no cumbersome settings to configure to begin using Refog Personal Monitor for Mac, yet all the important customizations are there for you. Download your free evaluation version and see how easy it really is!

Stealth Technology 

Refog Personal Monitor for Mac makes it easy to monitor all or some activities occurring on your computer. You can record keystrokes typed on your Mac, watch Web resources visited, and log applications launched. In addition, Refog Personal Monitor for Mac makes periodic captures of your Mac’s desktop to better illustrate what’s going on at the moment.


Refog Personal Monitor for Mac runs silently in background, with or without an application icon visible. It can be completely hidden from anyone’s eyes, running silently and invisibly in background while logging all the activities. Refog Personal Monitor for Mac protects its operation against tampering, making it impossible for anyone without your master password to even see the program running, let alone tampering with or uninstalling it.

MAC Keylogger

The Best MAC keylogger on the market

The Complete Surveillance Solution for Your Mac

Refog Personal Monitor for Mac replaces costly surveillance systems with a highly customizable, easy to use software solution running in background on your Mac. Refog Personal Monitor for Mac runs silently in background; it cannot be seen, disabled, uninstalled or tampered with by anyone without your master password.
Instant Alerts

Even the best monitor is truly useless if it’s too late to intervene. Refog Personal Monitor for Mac offers constant protection of your family by alerting you about unwanted activities by email. You can count Refog Personal Monitor for Mac to warn you just in time to take immediate measures to get your kids out of trouble.

$14.00 for second license (a $68.00 saving on second license)

$82.00 (first user)