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Lockdown My Computer
LockDown My Computer lets you pick the parts of Windows and Internet Explorer that you want to disable Over 100 security/lockdown registry tweaks.  Prevent changes to Control Panel, Desktop, Start Menu, Internet Settings, etc... For Home and Family use, Public-Access Computers, etc.


Full list of LockDown My Computer options

  • Start Menu / Taskbar
    • Disable Control Panel
    • Disable Start Menu and Taskbar Properties
    • Disable Changes to Start Menu
    • Hide 'Administrative Tools'
    • Hide 'Run...'
    • Hide My Computer
    • Hide 'Log Off'
    • Hide 'All Programs'
    • Hide 'My Network Places'
    • Hide 'Network Connections'
    • Hide Pinned Programs List
    • Hide 'Recent Documents'
    • Hide 'My Documents'
    • Hide 'My Music'
    • Hide 'My Pictures'
    • Hide 'Favorites'
    • Hide 'Set Program Access and Defaults'
    • Hide 'Printers and Faxes'
    • Hide 'Search/Find'
    • Hide 'Help'
    • Remove Right-Click Context Menu for Start Button, Tab Control, and Clock
    • Disable Windows Key
    • Hide Taskbar Clock
    • Remove Toolbars from Taskbar
    • Remove Tray Items from Taskbar
    • Lock the Taskbar
  • Internet Explorer
    • Disable File Download
    • Disable 'Open in New Window'
    • Disable Right-Click Context Menu
    • Disable Changes to Browser Bars
    • Disable the Tools > Internet Options Menu
    • Disable the Ability to Save As
    • Disable Favorites
    • Disable File > Open
    • Disable File > New
    • Disable the Find Files Command
    • Disable Forward and Backward Navigation Buttons
    • Remove Mail and News Menu Item
    • Remove Print Preview from File Menu
    • Always Prompt User When Downloading Files
    • Disable the Option of Selecting a Download Directory
    • Empty Temporary Internet Files on Exit
    • Disable the Full Screen View Option
    • Disable the ability to View Page Source HTML
    • Disable the Option of Closing Internet Explorer
  • Internet Explorer Options Menu
    • Remove General Tab
    • Remove Security Tab
    • Remove Content Tab
    • Remove Connections Tab
    • Remove Programs Tab
    • Remove Privacy Tab
    • Remove Advanced Tab
    • Prevent Changing Personal Certificate Options
    • Prevent Changing Site Certificate Options
    • Prevent Changing Publisher Certificate Options
    • Prevent Changing Security Levels for the Internet Zone
    • Prevent Adding Sites to Any Zone
    • Prevent Changes to Privacy Settings
    • Disable Internet Connection Wizard
    • Prevent Changes to Temporary Internet Files
    • Disable the Reset Web Settings button
    • Disable AutoComplete for Forms
    • Prevent Prompt Me to save Passwords from being displayed
    • Disable All Options Under Accessibility
  • Interface
    • Disable Task Manager
    • Disable Lock Workstation
    • Disable Change Password
    • Hide Desktop Icons
    • Remove Right-Click Context Menu for Desktop, Files, etc
    • Hide Network Neighborhood
    • Hide 'Manage' Option in My Computer Context Menu
    • Hide 'Computers Near Me' in 'Network Places'
    • Hide Computer from Browser List
    • Hide 'Set Program Access and Defaults' in Add/Remove Programs
    • Disable Update Device Driver Wizard
    • Remove the Ability to Modify Filetypes
    • Restrict Access to Base System Objects
    • Disable Recycle Bin (Makes deletes permanent)
    • Disable Recycle Bin 'Properties' Option
    • Disable Tray Balloon Tips
    • Hide the Search Button on the Explorer Toolbar
    • Remove Back button from Open/Save dialog box
    • Move Most Recently Used list from Open/Save dialog box
    • Remove Places Bar from Open/Save dialog box
    • Disable changes to Animation Settings
    • Disable Command Prompt and Batch Files
  • Log On / Off / Reboot
    • Show Administrator Account at Welcome Screen
    • Disable Shutdown
    • Remove Shutdown from Welcome Screen
    • Disable Logoff in Task Manager
    • Do Not Save Windows Settings on Logoff
    • Disable Ability to Skip Startup Programs with the Shift Key
    • Disable Ability to Skip Auto Logon with the Shift Key
    • Automatically Reboot on Blue Screen of Death
    • Windows File Checker on Boot on / off
  • Logging / Error Messages
    • Log System Crashes to Event Log
    • Restrict Access to Event Log to Administrators and System Only
    • Show Verbose Security Status Messages
    • No popups on boot
    • Show System Errors and Application Errors, Application errors only, or no errors
    • Disable Warnings on Startup (supress system errors, all errors, or none)
  • Drives
    • Hide Drives in My Computer
    • Disable Autorun for CD and Removable Media
    • Remove the Map and Disconnect Network Drive Options
    • Restrict access to Removable Drives
    • Restrict access to Drives by Letter
  • Task Scheduler
    • Disable Task Creation
    • Disable Task Deletion
    • Disable Changes to Task Properties
    • Disable Changes to Task Run command and disable browse button in task scheduler properties
    • Disable Drag and Drop Task Scheduling
    • Disable Manual Task Control





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