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LocationMail tells you where e-mail was sent from. It uses the most accurate data in the world to analyze your e-mail, trace it, and look up where the sender was when the message was sent. Find out where your friend was when she e-mailed you, or where a business contact is really writing from. LocationMail integrates seamlessly into Outlook or Outlook Express; once installed, it shows you location information next to each message. LocationMail shows the City, State, Country, Company, ISP, and Connection Speed of the sender.


Email Analysis - The data that LocationMail for each message is based on an analysis of the headers of the message. The "headers" of a message include transit information about the message and also other fields that are not displayed in the message body, such as what e-mail program was used to send the message.

Ip Tracking - LocationMail grabs what it believes to be the original sender's IP address. An IP address is a unique numerical "address" for a computer on the internet. Once LocationMail has the IP address, it relays it back to the LocationMail data center, where a wealth of up-to-the-minute information is retrieved for that IP address, and sent back to your computer. 

GeoLocation - LocationMail uses data from DigitalEnvoy to make this possible. DigitalEnvoy provides advanced IP geolocation services, determining the city (with 94% accuracy), state, and country (99% accuracy) for a particular IP address.

Whois Data - We also use data from APNIC, RIPE, ARIN, and LACNIC to determine which entity (i.e. company, organization, or individual) legally "owns" an IP address; this allows us to show you what company/organization an e-mail was sent from. APNIC, RIPE, ARIN, and LACNIC are the four global nonprofit organizations trusted with

Description of Fields

  • Country - This is the country where the e-mail was sent from.
  • City - This is the city where the e-mail was sent from.
  • State - The state where the e-mail was sent from.
  • Company - This is the company that has been allocated the IP address that the e-mail was sent from.
  • ISP - This is the ISP providing the internet connection to the e-mail sender. In many cases, this will match the Company, but quite often it will represent the internet backbone provider. For example, Qwest might be the ISP for a big company through which the big company gets its internet access.
  • Domain - The domain name (if any) that corresponds to this IP address.
  • Connection Type - This is the speed of the connection. Options include: cable, dialup, broadband, t1, dsl, and more.
  • Probability - This is the probability that LocationMail has assigned to the accuracy of its measurement. It is either Low, Medium, or High, and depends on what information LocationMail finds in the headers for each message. It is NOT based on how accurate the geographical data is for an IP address; rather, it is based on how accurate LocationMail thinks it has the ACTUAL IP address for the sender's machine. For example, some corporate users have a central IT office that hosts their mail server, and thus an employee of a big company might send a message from Florida, USA, but it goes through the big company's server in, say, Ohio. In most cases, mail servers WILL include the so-called "originating IP" of the message, but not always.
  • Show Map - Shows a map from based on the Country/City/State information.





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