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File security programs are applications used to lockdown, secure and hide files

Main Uses: File Encryption; Password Protection; File Hiding/Lockdown;

Related Categories: Encryption


Hide Files

Hide Files is security program to hide any number of files or folders. Hide Files makes hidden any files and folders (or whole program folder or even all computer disks). Hide Files allows you to select any folders (and sub folders with files) of your choice to protect as hidden files and folders. You can select any folders on your computer or drag-and-drop the desired folders from Windows Explorer into the Hide Files window. In one mouse click the folders selected become invisible. Once files or folders are hidden, it is impossible to find them, or access and remove any file.
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SafeBit is the perfect electronic vault you need for your privacy. It features on-the-fly encryption, by creating virtual disk drives, where you can hide files and folders, keep them encrypted all them time, but still work with these files just like you work with normal files. Encryption is transparent to the user.
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EXE Lock

EXELock can password protect your programs. Your email, word processor, browser or ANY other programs you choose will only work with your password! This program is very simple, yet very effective. It serves only one purpose: To lock down your files from anyone from gaining access to it.
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We have recently added the unique application File Splitter.

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