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Email Spy Pro is email monitoring software and surveillance tool designed for consumers and businesses. If you positively need to know EXACTLY what your children, spouse or employees are sending by email, Email Spy Pro will let you know absolutely. Email Spy Pro is new spy software tool from variety of Internet monitoring software available today. Once installed on monitored computer it sends exact copies of all outgoing emails to your secret email address. While monitored user sends emails by using usual email client software (like Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus, The Bat! or similar), all his outgoing emails will be INVISIBLY copied to your secret email address pre-configured via Email Spy Pro Control Panel. Email Spy Pro is classic Email Spy product plus Outgoing Emails Blacklist and Forced SMTP Server features.


Personal firewall bypass Unique feature of Email Spy Pro is bypass of personal firewall software, like Zone Alarm, Norton Personal Firewall and other similar (i.e. personal firewall, installed on monitored computer, can't detect Email Spy Pro operation).

Outgoing emails full control Also there is unique possibility of the emails capture and immediate forwarding it to your secret email address ONLY. So you have complete control of all outgoing emails of monitored user and can make decision: will real recipients get emails sent by monitored user or not?).

Outgoing emails blacklist Email Spy Pro blacklist option allows you to set flexible rules for outgoing emails of monitored computers (e.g. allows/forbids emails sending to specified addresses only). That feature is very appropriate for small and middle companies, which don't have own dedicated email server.

Forced SMTP server There is unique possibility to send all SMTP-based emails from monitored computer via forced SMTP mail server only. For example your company uses own SMTP server with installed anti-virus or keywords filtering software. In such case Email Spy Pro being installed to each company workstation will guarantee that all SMTP-based emails will be processed by software installed on server.

Extremely easy to setup To install and configure program you simply have to run setup file and enter your secret email address at the end of install. So even computer novice can use Email Spy Pro.

Email Spy Pro is appropriate for: Parents concerned about what their children send by email who they communicate with, and whether adults may be trying to solicit their children online. Spouses concerned about who and when communicates with their partner. Businesses trying to put a stop to inappropriate using of company name, leakage of trade/industrial secrets or intellectual property.





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