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eBlaster Mobile
Spy on all BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) as well as other BlackBerry activity from anywhere: at work, at home, on a business trip, on vacation — even if you're thousands of miles away. eBlaster Mobile BlackBerry BBM Spy is available for an instant download. Using our secure server, you can purchase online, then download and install right onto the BlackBerry. You can begin recording with eBlaster Mobile immediately. There is also an Android version available.


SMS/Text Messages - Finally you can know exactly who they are texting and what they are saying!

BlackBerry Messenger Chats - We are the only product available to the public that records BBM Chats directly

Email Activity - People love using their BB to send & receive emails, now you can get an exact copy! 

Voice Call Log - See who they are calling, when and for how long. It's that simple really! 

Additional Features and Uses Below - See what all the rave is about with eBlaster mobile, the world's only BBM Spyware keylogger available to the public!

Know Exactly What They Are Doing!

  • Are they texting too much with friends or family?

  • Are they sending or receiving inappropriate messages?

  • Are they talking on the phone when they should be doing something else?

Be Notified Instantly

eBlaster Mobile Instant Notification keeps you "in-the-know" by automatically sending you an EXACT copy of every SMS/text message, BlackBerry Messenger chat, and email sent and received, even if a message was deleted from the phone. See any inappropriate messages right way, so you can take action.

If you can check your email, you can use eBlaster Mobile for Blackberry

Install eBlaster Mobile on the BlackBerry and walk away. It's that simple. eBlaster Mobile automatically records both sides of email messages, text messages, and details about incoming and outgoing calls. All recordings are organized into an easy-to-read Activity Report that is sent to your email address as frequently as you choose ... every 30 minutes, every few hours, or just once a day.

Remote Setting Changes Available

Settings can be changed remotely, eliminating the need to re-gain access to the BlackBerry to change the email address where reports and notifications are sent, how frequently they're sent, or the activities to be recorded. Getting too little or too much information? Change it through a secure link from any computer.

Additional Features ...

Convenient & Secure - With additional features such as online access to eBlaster Mobile settings and tamper-proof stealth technology, you can rest assured that eBlaster Mobile is the most convenient and secure monitoring and surveillance product on the market today.

Online Mobile Control Panel - After installing eBlaster Mobile, you'll never have to gain access to the BlackBerry again because eBlaster Mobile settings can be adjusted securely over the Internet! Every eBlaster Mobile Activity Report includes a link to an online version of the eBlaster Mobile Control Panel where you can change the email address where you receive reports, alter how frequently reports and instant notifications are sent, decide what activities are recorded ... and much, much more.

Stealth Application - eBlaster Mobile is designed to be as tamper-proof as possible. eBlaster does not show up in the Applications folder or BlackBerry App World, and cannot be uninstalled without the eBlaster password which YOU specify.

To ensure your BlackBerry Smartphone will support eBlaster Mobile, it must meet the requirements shown below. Phones purchased after October 2007 will be supported.

  • BlackBerry® Device Software v4.2 or higher, including v4.5, v5.0 and v6.0
    (Click "options", then "about" from your Smartphone to check your version)
  • A service plan that includes access to the BlackBerry Browser

(BlackBerry Version)

(Android Version)




eBlaster Mobile
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