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Conference Recorder
Conference Recorder is a powerful and easy-to-use voice recording program by which you can record and save sounds coming through microphone into computer files. This program is designed for recording human voices such as conference, lecture, debate, symposium, meeting, telephone conversation, singing or crying of your children, etc. You can save all of these sounds into high-quality sound files with MP3, WAV formats or small size sound files with ADPCM, CCITT A-Law, CCITT U-Law, DSP TrueSpeech(TM), GSM, VOX(Dialogic ADPCM), MP2 formats.


Audio Sensor - It can automatically start recording when there are sounds and stops when there are no sounds. When the volume reaches the sound sensitivity you set up previously or sounds louder than the limit you set, your Conference Recorder will continue running. However, the volume will decrease to the limit you set up, and then the Recorder will stop running. This feature is very useful for an economical use of your hard disk space. Microphone Boost enhances function of the installed microphone up to 100 times. Using this function, you can save high quality sounds at a distance.

Secretly Record Mic/Audio - You can now catch cheaters or gather evidence by having the mic secretly activate and start recording the human voice once is projected in the room.

Pre-Set - create file name automatically using time stamp without defining file name every time recording is being performed; 
pre-set time interval or file size by which new files to be created using Restart Recording Function; schedule recording time using Recording Schedule Function; display the program window on the top of application window

Various Recording Options - When you install the Conference Recorder, it automatically find out your microphone and set it as your recording port. But you can record sounds not only through microphone but also through other ports such as line-in, stereo mix, phone-line, or CD Audio by changing input port in Options window.

  • through your microphone or other ports are recorded and saved as various formatted files in real time. Supporting formats are;
    MP3 : MPEG Layer-3 (8Kbps Mono to 320Kbps Stereo CD Quality)
    Wave PCM : Standard Windows WAV (6KHz 8bit Mono to 48KHz 16bit Stereo)
    Wave ADPCM : 1/4 Compressed WAV (8KHz Mono to 44.1KHz Stereo)
    Wave A-LAW : CCITT A-Law (8KHz Mono to 11KHz Stereo)
    Wave U-LAW : CCITT U-Law (8KHz Mono to 11KHz Stereo)
    Wave DSP : DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM)
    Wave GSM : Compressed WAV GSM 6.10 (8KHz to 11KHz)
    VOX : Dialogic ADPCM
    MP2 : MPEG Layer-2 (8Kbps Mono to 320Kbps Stereo)
  • Microphone Boost - This feature enhances the function of microphone installed in your computer up to 100 times.
  • Audio Sensor - This feature senses sounds automatically and either records or has a particular application run when sounds reach a pre-defined level.
  • Recording Schedule - This feature sets the beginning times and duration for recording activities.
  • Restart Recording - This function creates new files with a preset time interval or file size.
  • Always On Top - This function enables the user to locate the Conference Recorder window on the top even another program such as web browser is running at the same time. This way, you can start recording within a very short time.

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Conference Recorder
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Stealth Recorder Pro No Longer Supported By Developer. Order Link Goes To Sound Card Recorder Pro, a superior product.

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