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ChildWebGuardian is filtering software designed to provide Internet child safety. This program keeps track and checks the content of every web-page the child browses through in the Internet Explorer. If the program finds some obscene content (characteristic of pornography, violence, religious sects, etc.), ChildWebGardian will immediately block viewing such pages.


Block Access - ChildWebGuardian is a whole software package that is integrated in Internet Explorer and consists of some controlling functions. Such as content filter, porn blocker, parental control, URL blocking, Internet access blocking, games control. Each of these functions forms an obstacle in the way of obscene information from the Internet. And before your child sees any page, it is checked by all those functions.

Block Sites - The program will satisfy all your requirements and wishes about Internet parental control and games control. You can easily configure the program for pornography blocking, blocking sites with violence scenes, filtering sites that popularizes drugs, to filter the gambling games, the questionable religious sects and other forbidden materials. ChildWebGuardian will filter the content of every visited and viewed pages. You can allow visiting sites only from the 'White list' and forbid sites from the 'Black List', allow Internet Explorer using only in certain days and hours, write in the special log file what sites your childs visited and receive this log by email.

Games Control -   To block the use of some programs/games, you can use the 'Games Control' function in the program. This function allows you to control the using of any programs/games in a specified by you days and time

Internet Filtering -  The principle of the ChildWebGuardian Internet-filter work has a prominent advantage over the usual way most of the similar software functions. Most of such programs check only the URL of the requested page for being in the database of "indecent" addresses. This way of filtering is not effective for there appear hundreds of new sites every minute. Unlike other programs, ChildWebGuardian has functions that allow analyzing the page content itself. That is why even if your child comes across a newly appeared site with obscene content, ChildWebGuardian will stop him from viewing this site anyway.

Keywords and Phrases - Want to filter based on content? ChildWebGuardian has a function for analyzing the page content for the presence of forbidden phrases

Black List - Don't allow access to any site you choose! Blocking the access to the sites in the "black" list is a foolproof way to stop threatening sites.

Scheduling - a function for restricting the use of Internet Explorer by time and by days of the week

Monitor All Web Sites Visited - Even if you don't want to restrict, you can keep tabs! ChildWebGuardian has a function for storing the URLs of the visited Internet resources to the special file

Pop-Up Blocker - Stop pesky intrusive sites by  closing the Internet Explorer pop-up ads automatically.

"White List" Have and access only list to for maximum browsing restriction that gives access only to the Internet addresses in the "white" list.

Network Ready! Comes with a network deploy function to use at schools, libraries, Internet cafes or any organization





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