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Top Secret Software

Cheap Security Software Under $20.00

If you are on a budget and think that the products on Top Secret Software are too pricy, you might just be wrong! Here are some of our programs that cost less than $20.00, yet are still very effective product. Enjoy

AOBO Porn Filter $19.95 Web Site Blocker
The Shield Firewall $19.95 Firewall
Unlogger $19.95 Blocks keyloggers
PAL Keylog $19.95 Computer Keylogger
CellPC $19.95 PC From Your Cell
Spy Killer $19.95

Anti Spyware

Personal Data Vault $19.95 File Encryption
Password Studio $16.95 Password Recovery
Photo Saver $16.95 Photo Recovery
File Saver $16.95 File Recovery
Secure Delete $16.95 File Shredder
TZ Data Shredder $15.00 File Shredder
TZ Firewall $15.00 Firewall
SnS File Encryption $14.99 File Encryption
SnS File Shredder $14.99 File Shredder
PDF Password Recovery $14.95 Password Recovery
Conference Recorder $14.95 Mic Recorder
Secret Agent - Audio Mp3 $10.99 Audio File
Spam Guard $9.95 Spam Blocker
Lockdown My Computer $9.95 Pc Access Control
Topmail Anonymous $9.95 Anonymity
Sound Sensor $9.95 Mic Recorder
Investigation Kit $8.95 Investigation
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This article was updated on Nov. 11/2008 to maintain its relevance to today's current security concerns.

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