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Brain Bullet
Brand NEW software automatically motivates, empowers, and re-educates your mind to develop "super-human"-like powers... FAST! Every minute you spend at your PC, will "tune" your brain into automatically achieving MORE. Utilizing a unique subconscious perception delivery system, Brain Bullet sits on the desktop of your Windows PC and fires SAFE and UNOBTRUSIVE "mental commands" to your screen, at speeds that are absorbed directly by your subconscious mind... and "activated" automatically by your brain cells.


Better than tapes - The problem with subliminal tapes and CDs is that they are always highly generic ("Lose weight") rather than customized to your exact needs ("I can easily handle intimate situations with my girlfriend"). There's also a growing worry that users never actually know what inaudible messages are hidden on the CDs. With Subliminal Power, you have complete control. You choose what messages get displayed... when, where and how many. It's also much more convenient than an audio tape and works while you are playing games, surfing the Internet or writing that new book. There's no more laying down to relax for an hour at a time - Subliminal Power works around you, for hours every single day!

Add/select UNLIMITED affirmations tick the box next to as many "affirmation sets" as you like, and add a limitless number of new sets/affirmations per set... with ease!

Choose your font choose a size you're comfortable with, change the color to contrast well with background colors, make the words "bolder" for times when your desktop is cluttered or smaller for when you want to "hide" the text in the background...

Set your display location set your affirmations to flash where is most convenient for you... randomly over the screen, dead in the center, or within your active window, for the highest of visibility... Brain Bullet is respectful of your desktop, and easy to work with.

Select the contrast your messages can flash bold and visibility on the screen, or "opaque" in the background... so as not to disturb you whilst working on other tasks.

Set message interval set your message display interval anywhere from 1 to 600 seconds apart. Flash messages more regularly for stronger influence, or less frequently for maintenance. You can adapt these settings to suit your needs and preferences.

Set display time this is probably the most important setting of all. Every mind is unique. If the default display setting is too slow for you (i.e. you can read the text), you can drop it down to as low as 10 milliseconds that's 1/100th of a second!

Test your messages hit the "test" button to see a preview of your affirmations in action, before they go live... to give you a visual reference to the settings you just made.





Brain Bullet
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