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Boss Everyware
Boss Everyware is a software that helps you to monitor what your employees or kids do on the computers. This software generates low traffic and therefore does not affect the system performance. Boss Everyware is a bundle of three components: Logger, Report Manager and Logger Set-up for easy configuration, and monitoring



Collected information - Boss Everyware writes collected information as records. A record is similar to a row in a table and corresponds to the currently focused window. Each record contains the following information:

  • Name of the monitored computer.
  • Name of the user currently logged in.
  • Application file name.
  • Open URL (by all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, Opera, AOL, MSN and all the other browsers that use Microsoft Internet Explorer engine).
  • Typed keys, including all European layouts.
  • Title of application's main window (usually contains document title).
  • Title of the currently focused window.
  • Date/time when the current window got focus.
  • How long the current window had focus.
  • User inactivity time, i.e. how long the user has not touched keyboard/mouse.
  • Monitoring start/stop events (user logon/logoff time).

Monitoring options

Boss Everyware performs monitoring completely at user level and consumes very little processor time. To ensure system safety and stability, it uses no custom drivers nor interactive services.

Collecting data

  • Option to monitor some particular applications only.
  • Option to monitor some particular users only.
  • Flexible detection of user inactivity.
  • Filtering out records that had focus less than a specified value.
  • Keystrokes and URL capturing can be turned off.

Writing collected data

  • Log files are written in Delimiter-Separated Values (including CSV), dBase III+ or in a proprietary format. All popular database and spreadsheet applications can read or import delimiter-separated and dBase III+ files.
  • Log files are written into a local folder or network share.
  • Log files can be e-mailed.
  • Log files can be uploaded to an FTP location.
  • Log files can be auto-named to distinct logs from different computers, users and time periods.
  • No logs will be lost. When a logger (the monitoring program) can't write to the specified location, it writes into a local temporary folder and continues to e-mail logs as scheduled. Once the specified location becomes accessible, the logger moves its temporary logs there.
  • The loggers running on multiple monitored computers can write into a single log file.
  • User-defined interval of updating log files with newly captured data.


  • Restarting and e-mailing log files on reaching a size-limit or in specified time intervals.
  • Monitoring can be performed within user-defined time intervals including night hours.
  • Customizable warning message on start-up. You can remind your users of the Computer Use Policy each time they log in.

Log analysis 

Large log analysing capabilities distinct Boss Everyware from its competition:

  • Report-based approach. A report contains rules that define where to get and how to present the collected data.
  • Almost real-time analysis: even the current log files are accessible for reporting.
  • Analyzing data from multiple logs in a single report.
  • Grouping data.
  • Filtering data (by contained text, by date/time, by duration).
  • Sorting data.
  • Searching through the report.
  • Formatting data (show full URLs or domains only, show full path of application or just its file name).
  • Formatting appearance (fonts, colors, word-wrapping, column visibility).
  • Advanced keystrokes reporting:
    • Keystrokes can be shown in a column like all other fields or in a separate keystrokes memo.
    • Keystrokes can be shown all at once, without linking to a particular record.
    • Options to reproduce typed text and eliminate all non-character keys from view.
  • Print preview, print settings.
  • Export to HTML, XLS, CSV or text files.
  • Deleting older records from the log.
  • Spreadsheet-like selection. Select/copy of a portion of a report cell, as well as an entire cell or a range of cells.


  • Custom deployment packages easy and silently install a pre-configured logger on multiple computers. Just set up the required configuration, click on "Create deployment package" and you have a small setup.exe that does the job.
  • Remote loggers can be reconfigured via network-located configuration files.

Security options

  • Only administrators can change monitoring options.
  • Delimiter-separated log files can be written into write-only folders. This prevents users from reading or deleting logs.
  • With additional password protection none of the Boss Everyware components except monitoring will run without authorization.
  • Option to prevent monitoring from unauthorized termination.

Supported environments

  • Operating systems: Windows 9x, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista 32-bit
  • Microsoft Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Connection
    Boss Everyware logs the complete session if installed on a TS/RDC host and keystrokes only if installed on a client machine.
  • Citrix Metaframe / Presentation Server





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