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Audio Spy
Sound Sensor is a software to make your computer a highly efficient sound-detector. You can catch the level of the sound you want as you can regulate the sensitivity-range freely from a minute sounds as a feather makes to a loud sounds like the cannon's roar. The moment the Audio Spy perceives any sounds, it can record them secretly. This means you can record (VOip) phone calls, skype or just any noise/voice/talking in a room with the software running. Turn your laptop into a bugging device.


Audio Spy is a spy software app that monitors microphone activity on your Windows OS computer/laptop. It "listens" to microphone for sounsd and then it starts to record once the microphone is activiated.

  • Voice/Sound Activated - Turn your computer into a surveillance device by setting the program so it listens sound activity and begins recording as soon as it happens.
  • Hidden & Silent (PAID VERSION) - Audio Spy is hidden from users so it cannot be accessed easily.
  • Record Skype & VOIP Phones - Once you run Audio Spy it will pick up all conversations had on skype. (At this time because of privacy issues, it only records one side of skype.)
  • Control Sensitivity (Amplitude Levels) - Do you need audio spy to be a little less sensitive and is picking up and recording pointless noises? You can lower that the 
  • Save Event Logs -  You can choose where to save event (sound wavs) logs.
  • Recording Length -  In order to save space and be able to properly listen to recordings, you can choose the event length in seconds to record.

Use our software to bug a room, it turns and starts recording when it hears loud enough sounds (i.e. voices, talking, singing, yelling, banging, music, etc.)


Audio Spy hidden in many interesting ways:
  • Minimize It & It Disappears (PAID VERSION)- However it will still be running in the background.
  • Ambigious Program Name (PAID VERSION) - Even if user is computer savvy and they check the running processes the software has a generic name and it will likely not be noticed or ended.
  • HotKey Access (PAID VERSION) - Program can be instantly be recalled by pressing a special key combination (not control-atl-del but something like that!)
  • Auto-Windows Startup - If users resets computer or logs out, once the machine is back on the program will start up with the computer, thus still monitoring for sounds.
  • Includes Invisible Folders Software ($19.95 FREE!) (PAID VERSION) - Invisible folders is a great software included free with your Audio Spy purchase. This is a great place to store your log files and hide password protect them so they cannot be accessed from the outside.
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