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Advanced Parental Control
Advanced Parental Control enables you to control and supervise how they use the PC and Internet. Easily create an allowed schedule for each user. You can also setup a time allowance for each user by day or week. If they reach the specified amount of time then they can no longer login. Advanced Parental Control can block any application for any user and filter web sites based on keywords YOU specify. You can even record select activities including screenshots, keystrokes typed, web sites visited and more for complete activity monitoring. APC also includes System Restriction Tweaks ideal for limiting a child's access.


Computer Time Management - The main benefit of Advanced Parental Control software is its Time Management system. Parents can specify how long and when their child is allowed use the computer OR the Internet itself. Each user can be assigned different times that they are allowed to use either one. Time limits can also be set for each user. So if a user exceeds their limit they will not be able to access at anytime. APC now features a two minute logoff warning for users and the ability to allow users to view their time remaining!

Activity Filtering Capabilities - APC provides complete activity and content filtering. These features allow you to completely block applications you choose - or allow them at certain times. You can also block web sites based on the site's name or keywords you specify. For example you can block any page containing "sex" or "myspace" within the page's text or web address.

Security Options - While some other programs can be easily disabled, APC has total security in mind. APC's log files can be stored in any location you choose. There are no tray icons and the program does not show up in the taskbar. Only you can access the interface by typing your secret password, keeping your filtering and monitoring 100% secure.

Activity Monitoring Capabilities - For additional protection you can choose to monitor activity for some or all user. A variety of recordings can be captured to have actual proof - just in case you need it. You can capture actual pictures of the screen as often as every second. You can also record every single keystroke typed, including any type of password. APC also lets you view a list of every window accessed to see how their time is being spent.

Easy To Use - APC was designed with ease-of-use in mind. It doesn't matter if you know a little or a lot about computers. APC is very easy to use and comes with full instructions and support, including Live Chat and 24 hour priority email support. Also included are free minor updates for life. Not to mention the exclusive 30 day money back guarantee.



Parental Control Monitoring Software



Advanced Parental Control
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