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Access Remote PC
Access Remote PC is a computer program that lets you access your PC from another PC via Internet, LAN, or phone connection and work on your computer remotely as if you were sitting in front of it.  For Individuals: Control computers in your home network, access your home computer from office or work on your office computer from home, access your office or home computer while traveling. Invite someone to your PC to fix it remotely. And Businesses: Your main office can access branch office desktops, or your branch office can access main office server. Your employees can access email, files, programs and network resources from home or the road. System administrators can remotely access and manage multiple PCs from anywhere. Your sales force can access applications and documents and continue to work while on the road.



  • Lightweight (just 1 MB in size)

  • Transparently works through firewalls, routers, and supports dynamic IP addresses via our optional RPC subscription service.

  • Fast screenshot updates without using driver technology.

  • Fast response time on low latency networks including slow dial up connections.

  • Full-featured secure file transfer lets you access files on the remote computer and securely transfer them between local and remote computers in any direction.

  • Remote cursor shape support provides better feedback by letting you view the shape of the cursor on the remote host.

  • Clipboard transfer automatically or manually synchronizes the clipboards of the remote and local computers making it easy to copy and paste text between two machines.

  • Remote PC shortcuts let you create file-based shortcuts to remote computers. Double clicking a shortcut takes you directly to the remote computer.

  • Full screen option lets you view the entire screen of the remote computer without having to scroll.

  • NT service mode lets you access logon screen, and send Ctrl-Alt-Del to the remote computer.

  • View-only mode lets you view the screen and mouse movements on the remote computer.

  • Pause and Refresh lets you pause screen updates and manually refresh them one frame at a time.

  • Command-line interface lets you automate such tasks as installing the software, controlling the server, or running the client.

  • Drop down list of hosts available on the LAN automatically remembers host names and IP addresses and saves you from typing them manually into the address box. Automatically locates all computers available for remote control on your network within 2 seconds.

  • Automatically stops screenshot updates when window is minimized thus reducing load on the remote computer and the network when the program is not used.


  • Password protection lets you password protect access to your computer. Remote PC Access uses Secure Remote Passwords (SRP) technology for authentication and key exchange. See also RFC 2945

  • Strong 160-bit RC4-compatible industry standard encryption ensures that no one else can view the information transmitted over the network. (RC4 is a trademark of RSA Security Inc)

  • CRC integrity checking is applied to the data stream before encryption to ensure that no one can change the information while it is traveling over public networks. Any change is detected and results in an immediate disconnect.

  • Unlimited user accounts let you provide remote access to a computer to any number of users with separate username/password combinations.

  • Individual permissions for each account let you specify what each user can and what he cannot do on your computer

  • NT integrated authentication lets you use password management built into operating system.

  • Logging writes information about every session to an MS Office-readable log file.

  • Optional manual acknowledgement of incoming connections for selected user accounts.

User interface:

  • Well thought-out user interface will save you time, effort, and frustration.

  • One button switch between file transfer and remote screen.

  • Server icon in the system's tray provides single click access to the server window and all of its settings.

  • Hide icon option lets administrators hide the server's icon from the system's tray so that the users won't accidentally or intentionally close the program.

  • List of connected users lets you view the users connected to the server and forcibly disconnect individual users.

File transfer:

  • Two pane UI design

  • Each pane can display either remote or local files

  • Classic keyboard interface

  • Supports drag and drop

  • Supports cut/copy and paste

  • Resumes broken uploads and downloads

  • Safe authentication, encryption, and integrity checking

  • Multiple user accounts

  • Transparent on-the-fly file compression for faster transfers

  • Access control lets you restrict access to a particular folder, and restrict operations to browse, upload, download, delete

  • Ability to copy files between folders on the remote computer

  • Transfer individual files or entire folders

  • Displays progress while copying and lets you abort any lengthy operation

  • Supports background operation

  • File viewer

  • Translates file times when copying between different time zones

  • Calculates size of folders on the local or remote computer





Access Remote Pc
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