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Access Boss™ 
Access Boss is a great access management and time control utility that allows you to restrict the time when the specified group of users is allowed to log on and use a local or network computer. Limiting access hours can be very beneficial to both corporate IT departments, small business and individuals. Many parents found it to be a great idea to limit access to computer for their children to off-school hours only. Corporate network administrators nowadays restrict user logon time to the work hours only to avoid any mishaps when no qualified staff is available to monitor users.


Features and benefits

  • Easiest way to control computer time
  • Limits time when a user can/cannot logon your computer
  • Limits for how long a user can use your computer
  • Automatically closes user's session when the time is out
  • User Notifier displays remaining time and warns when time is about out
  • Records user statistics
  • Remote computer management
  • Password protection
  • Security options to protect Access Boss settings from unauthorized access

Important to parents: Having Access Boss as a parental control software you will stop worrying about how your children spend their time on the computer.

Important to corporate users: According to the statistics, having a clear computer use policy and access management software that restricts logon hours can cut your IT spendings by 20 percents or more! Start saving your money right now by trying Access Boss!

Why Access Boss is better then standard Windows time limit control tools

Probably you know that Windows NT based operating system allow you to limit time for each users. However it is only possible to limit time when users can log on. If the allowed log on time is over but user have already logged on, there is no way to force the user off. There is no way to set duration time limit and time interval is limited by 1 hour. Unlike Windows, Access Boss forces users off, has duration limits and 15-minute time slot. Some editions of Windows Vista comes with Parental Control facility, but the time interval is still limited by 1 hour.

Extremely easy to limit computer time

Access Boss is very easy to use software. It can help you to perform difficult administrative operations with easiness. All you have to do is install Access Boss on machine under administrative account, run the program and choose which users' access time should be restricted. To do so you simply mark the required hour(s) of any day of the week as either 'allow' or 'deny'. It is all that simple! Once you apply the changes user access restrictions will take effect.

Access Boss features extensive set of security options, including password protected program access and remote workstation administering.

Access Boss offers very flexible option to limit or restrict user logon hours in your network. It allows you to limit or restrict logon time on remote Windows computers as well as on local computer. Importantly, the program comes with password protection, guaranteeing that time restrictions can not be overridden or bypassed.

Access Boss User Notifier - Access Boss User Notifier is a special program module that runs in the system tray and displays the remaining time. It warns when the user time is about out with a short message and sound effect. It helps users to avoid unexpected data loss when Restriction Service closes their sessions.

User Shell Restrictions - With Access Boss you can set security restrictions for each user. All these user restrictions can be tweaked with Windows Registry Editor. However, Access Boss gives you more convenient user interface.

Disable Task Manager - Disables Windows Task Manager. Although it is impossible to detect Access Boss Agent with Windows task manager or other process viewer, you may take benefit from this option if you have another software you don't want to be detected and killed.

Disable Registry Editor - Disables Regedit.

Disable Display Properties - Prohibits user to change Windows themes, desktop and screen saver settings and tune the display properties.

Disable Internet Properties - Prohibits user to change Internet Explorer settings.

Disable Command Line - Disables Windows Command Prompt.

Disable Control Panel Applets - Prohibits user to open Control Panel or start any CPL files.

Disable Desktop - Removes all desktop icons.

Disable Taskbar Properties - Disables taskbar and start menu properties.

Disable Search item in Start menu - Removes Search from Windows Start menu and disables Win+F key.

Disable Run item in Start menu - Removes Run from Windows Start menu and disables Win+R key.

Disable Recent Docs in Start menu - Removes My Recent Documents from Windows Start menu.

Disable All Programs - Removes All Programs from Windows Start menu. This option works only if XP style menu is enabled. It has no effect if Classic Start menu is in use.

Disable Start menu modifications - Prohibits user to change start menu items.

Disable Network Places in Start menu - removes My Network Places from Start menu.

Disable Computers Near Me - removes Computers Near Me in My Network Places.

Block Access to drives - Tick the drive letters that will be inaccessible for the user. The drives will be blocked from Windows Explorer and Explorer-based applications. However they may be accessible by some not Explorer-based programs.

With this security restrictions you can create a limited working environment for your users.





Access Boss
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